Duct TAP : label automatisation

Dear all,

I recently started a new dynamo challenge with myself.
In my personal template, I always use the same parametric duct tap to join two elements.

For those duct fittings, I use to put a text to explain if this have straight sides or frames.
I thought I could do it using dynamo.

Here we go!

First, I have to compare offset of both duct fitting and host duct.
Then I whant to collect the heigh of those elements.
Once I have those information, here are the differents options:
(D is for the host duct and P is for the duct fitting offset)

  1. if D offset = P offset and if D height > P height then write the text “case A”
  2. if D offset = P offset and if D height = P height then write the text “case B”
  3. if D top offset = P top offset and if D height > P height then write the text “case C”
  4. if D bottom offset = P bottom offset and if D height > P height then write the text “case D”

So, let’s start talking about my script.

I managed to cllect the duct fittings in my view and to collect their height and offset prameters.
I also managed (with MEP connector info) to collect the duct my duct fitting is hosted to.
but I can’t go further.

I would like to collect and compare the differents offset/height parameters.
I have differents list and I’m a little bit lost.

Could someone tell me if I’m on the good way or if I have to do it different?

hi @b.vidal

Could you share your Dynamo File and a Sample Revit file? Your screenshot doesnt display your node names :slight_smile:

Also could you maybe further describe your different situations, maybe with some sketches? i dont fully understand how you want to calculate which text you need to place

oups sorry,
Here you will find a revit sample file and my actual script

BV_sample dynamo script.rvt (2.9 MB)

BV_Tap fitting labeling.dyn (10.7 KB)

Hey man, i tried recreating your script because your custom nodes keep giving me errors, could you maybe select the elements you need by hand for me?

I couldn’t get the right parameter values because everything is in French and i don’t know which you need :slight_smile:

This checks if the two duct heights are the same. It may get a little complicated and require package nodes / python if you also want to determine which duct is the main.

Hi Daan,
What do you need me to select by hand for you? didn’t get it sorry…

I don’t know wich parameters I need to pick.
I was thinking of:

  • Offset
  • Height
  • Reference Level

but maybe my script require others parameters.
I’m a bit lost with the process I need to create

Thanks Robert.
Well that’s far away what I could to on dynamo with my knowledges…

Are you comparing both elements of each list?
This is where I got stuck. Couldn’t compare 2 element’s parameter of the same list

More or less. UniqueItems will shorten a list if there are duplicates.