Tagging by parameter

Hi, I am working on a project here at work and there are Dimensions parameters for each electrical fixture with a certain value. These values stand for the height of the placement of the electrical fixtures.
When I try to tag these elements it’s picking up some (shared) parameter? Can someone link me or explain me real quick how I can tag the elements with a certain parameter? With or without Dynamo.


Sorry if i misunderstand… Your Tag reads a parameter from it’s Label…

I suspect that either you are using the wrong Tag, or you need to edit your Tag’s label…

Does that sound right?

Here’s a link to a re-tagging graph i did a little while ago… it might help if you want to automate the tagging…



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Yeah, I have been quite stupid with this one. I didn’t load in the family tag so I couldn’t tag the elements with the right parameter. All good now.

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