Key Plan Visibility

Help with KEY PLAN Visibility…i have regions in the title block with the visibility parameter set on each building.

I want to use dynamo to be able to select multiple sheets and select the building that i want to turn on then rest of the building key plan except the one selected to be turned-off.

I have this as a start, been struggling with this since yesterday but i cannot get this to work.

am using dynamo 2.0 btw, and have attached what i have so far
TEST_2.dyn (52.8 KB)

Got it to work with this.

But sometimes it fails, saying No Parameter Found by that name in the 2nd SetParameterByName node

Can somebody help me add an “IF” option?
if the building name selected is set to “false”, make it true…

TEST_2.dyn (52.8 KB)

@Revit_Noob Try this: TBChange.dyn (48.7 KB)

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HI, I got a null value in Springs.Collector.ElementsInView and from List.Flatten onwards.

When I retain my StringContainsThisOrThat, it worked well…

Thanks a lot!

@Revit_Noob Did you use the graph I shared? If yes, then it’s a bit unusual.
But in case if you just modified yours, then you might have missed on replacing the Values_ input in the Sheets Input group and that would lead to getting nulls.

Either way, I’m glad it worked out.

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I missed the modification you did in the Sheet input…i thought it’s the same as mine.
Lemme try again later and will feedback…

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