Just out of interest… what makes you a ‘regular’ on this forum

Just wondering- what makes you a ‘regular’ on this forum…?
I’ve posted something like 600+ times over many years, and spend an unhealthy amount of time reading other posts- but I’m still a ‘member’


I had that also but it disappears when you are not lately “active”. Really weird.

You have to reach trust level 3.


I have seen all of your posts Andrew
Always good info on database related questions.
I’m not in the position to give badges to people, but i think you deserve that status.


“Regular” is granted for activity in 14 metrics over a period of 100 days, and includes items like days visited, topics replied to, topics and posts read (in period and all time), flags received, likes given & received, and lifetime moderation occurrences.

I won’t post the hard metrics here for any topic so as to not encourage people gaming the system, but generally speaking it is a 4 month long commitment of interacting with the broader community in all the ways which are available on the platform.