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Is there any data around the number of users of Dynamo? Or the number of users of this forum? Possibly in a graph overtime?

Interested to see how Dynamo is being adopted in the industry and how fast…


I’m not the one with that kind of answers, but fiddling with the users url does give you the amount of registered users at dynamo forum.

29245 users

But for sure there are many MANY more active users because these are the ones actively using dynamo WITH questions and probably have many colleagues using their scripts.


@Konrad_K_Sobon did some a while back

There was another person too and I can’t recall who it was. :thinking:

It was @Kulkul


The forums are great, and looking at the number of registered users is useful. But the stats show more ‘browsers’ than active registered users (as is the case with any website that’s not behind a login wall), so you’re only scratching the surface by looking there. And this is expedited when we as a community do a good job documenting and distributing a workflow.

Instead, mh favorite statistic to look at for ‘growth of the community’ is this:

We (meaning the community) broke the package manager’s website legibility when viewing on an iPhone the day we passed 1,000,000 downloads. That’s more than four package installs per licensed architect in the US (~225,000).

Every one of those downloads is someone opening up a new workflow that wasn’t accessible to them 3 or 4 years ago.

Everyone of the 474 package managagers should certainly feel the warm fuzzies about that. Even more so for the ones who are also active here. You guys are the unsung hero’s of this ‘movement’ by a long shot.


I think that is a great number to use. That many installs over the past couple years is impressive for this community.


It’s likely “hyper inflated” because of the amount of times that people had to re-install. I would not look at that number as number of users in the community. I must have installed Dynamo over 50 times myself. Every time a new version comes out (daily) someone is updating/re-installing.


Moderators on the forum (people with shields) have access to a little more data that others. These stats are available for download. Of course with great power comes great responsibility so I would not offer to share these with anyone. It contains user’s email addresses, their names etc. That’s pretty private.


Would there be anyway to just get date joined from each member in that data? I understand that all that information is private but I would gladly share what I found from that alone.


Not likely.

I can ask about getting a chart showing total membership over time of that is what you’re after.


That’s pretty much what I would want to do with it. Not sure how much further I could take it with only that rate point anyway.


Well since I am one of the moderators I can do that:

Unfortunately I can’t give you the CSV file since like I said it has some private data in it. Here’s a look at the definition in Mandrill, and also a sneak peek at Mandrill in Dynamo 2.0

So basically like I have thought. We had A LOT of new users in the first month: ~6,500, then two months of nothing (i suspect issues with forum hosting), then some nice growth until around 0.8 dropped. After that it was pretty much steady, slowness (~200 new users per month). It’s been like that for about two years.


Thanks @Konrad_K_Sobon for putting in the work, this is exactly what I was thinking. Doesn’t exactly correlate to Dynamo users but can paint a picture of generally how the community is growing. And like @JacobSmall said, I think a lot of that is due to the work you and many others are putting into this community. Thanks again, and excited to see where this conversation goes on twitter.