Can't upload files

Hi there,

wanted to upload a .dyn file but got the message “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments”

What do i have to do to upload something.

I need help for are .dyn script but without uploading it, it might be difficult for someone else to have a look on it.

hi Liemen,

The issue is as the message implied. New users cannot upload attachements. I assume this is for the safety of the community.

Can you instead create a new post and use a collection of images? Alternatively use another means of us access the file. However, i imagine there will be a low take up with that.



Hi Ben,

thanks for quick response and your recommended alternativ.
I’ll try to post my Issue with using images and hope it’ll work. If not i try something else until i’m not “new” anymore.

The following link should help to highlight how you can progress up a rank to then be able to post with attachment.