Just a question - how to speed up the modelling

Hi guys, I am new to this forum so please be gentle.

I have been working with Revit on Analytical models to import them to Robot. It was just before the implementation of Dynamo. Since then I worked as Structural Engineer and left Revit for a while. Now I work with various projects in the tender stage as an bim engineer working for general contractor. Each month I need to create a new model based on the provided documentation. Normally we do not receive the modell from Architects. We use Revit to gather material quantities (on new, our model), to make some presentations for the Investor and this kind of stuff. Is there any script, or some kind of addon that will speed up my modelling ? I mean - each time I get some 2d cad drawings with foundations, columns, floors, and so on. We live in 2020 and is there any way that Revit ( with small help of dynamo), recognise automaticly the boundaries of the floors, the geometry of the columns, fondations? I agree not everything you can do automaticly. But the majority of the drawings that I receive comes from… Revit! Is there any way to (partially) inverse the Revit-Cad process? Maybe some data could be saved internal in Cad file - some Devs could use my idea :wink:

Thanks in advice for answers.

Not dynamo, but with the Structural Analysis Toolkit you export and import Robot files from Revit.


I used version 2018, I got a robot file from an engineer, and I didn’t have to remodel the full building in Revit again. According to help this also works the other way. If they don’t want to submit the Revit file, you can ask them to export a robot for you. This plugin is free.

thanks, better smthing than nothing. Nice tip! Still receiving Rabot file may be close to miracle. Something based on dwg files?