Join wall top to slab bottom

Hi ,

I am trying to work on a dynamo module to connect all the walls to the bottom of the slab above.
i am able to select all the walls and both the slabs above and below as a list.
i need some help on how do i connect the wall top to bottom of the slab.

Is it related to this Join geometry walls?

Realated to extending walls to bottom of slab above


There are nodes for ‘joining’

but not ‘attaching’


as I understand it, attaching is not exposed in the API…

Hopefully I’m wrong…


Thank you @Mark.Ackerley
Is their any way to edit wall profile using dynamo.

For Example ,
Beams crossing , below stairs and ramps.
i need wall to be stopped o profile to be edited.


Unfortunately editing in Sketch mode is also not possible, but there maybe a way of getting the geometry in Dynamo and creating a wall from it?
Maybe someone else has a better way…

Hope that’s useful,


WallUnderStair.dyn (9.9 KB)