Join geometry walls

Hello Guys,

I am trying to join all the walls in each sub-list, from node List.FilterbyBoolMask output.
i tried to transpose ans get to list to join the walls . Python script is ti join two walls join geometry.
Can anybody suggest me on how do i sort the list to that i get only two walls in each list .

Example of list would be like


i need the list to be filtered or sorted as
{{a,b} ,{b,c}, {c,d}, {d,e}}
{{1,2} ,{2,3}, {3,4}}
{{a,s} ,{s,d}}

Use dictionary:

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@Kulkul that the result i was looking for.

but it dint work ,

my list in the form of
{{a,b,c,d,e}, {1,2,3,4} ,{x,y}, {a,s,d}}

result should be similar to all the sub lists, is it possible

Dyanmo shows a handling error for the above dyn


This is the result i got ,


I think the problem might be your levels… (the problem is never Kulkul!)

Hope that works,


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