Join categories of walls with slabs in a model with Dynamo

Hello BIMmers !
I wonder if we can join all the walls with all the slabs in once with Dynamo.
I tried doing it with this knode.
No succes yet. Would you have any advices to a lucky beginer ?
Many thanks in advance ! :grin::grin::grin:

This will try to join every element to every other element (regardless of whether or not they’re even touching) and create a huge list of new, combined elements.
You’ll have to iterate through your lists if you want to end up with a single element on the other side, e.g. something like take one element, then check for intersections with the others, join those, and repeat for the remaining elements…

See also this post of someone else trying to do the same Elements Joining



Do you want to join only the geometries ?

If so, and as Walls and Slabs geometries are Solids, i suggest you use the Solid.ByUnion node.

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Thank you very much Mellouze but it does not work for me.
I intend to get a change about the volumes of the floors after joining or solid by union. Or the volume stays the same the model. Blue lines shows off something happening but it wont change the aparent volume.

Then what are trying to achieve if you don’t want to join geometries ? What is your expected output ?

I need to do this:

Just like the command join elements in revit.

For your information, The knode I did previsously works fine with Revit 2017 but not with 2018.
I could join walls and slabs
Slabs and columns
Columns and beams etc… with revit 2017.
Would there be any reasons for this ?
Best regards

Finally it works all fine with Revit 17 and Revit 18

Please indicate how you solved your problem so people with the same problem as you can easily find a solution in the future :slight_smile:

A I mentioned just before, It works but I dont know why it did not work before.
maybe thats because I’m a newbe and I make silly mistakes.
Just do the same knode as I did upper on my post.
Cheers to all !