Join "joinable" curves



Hello everyone, I have a flat list of separate curves, some of them can form a polycurve together, I want to join all the curves that CAN form a polycurve(closed or open doesn’t matter) together into separate polycurves. Can someone please give me hint? Thank you.
P.S.These are wall location lines by the way, taken by the Element.Location component.


You should try the cool “Group Curves” node from archi-lab:


oh snap! I did that? LOL. Thanks for sharing! You know my own package better than me. LOL


Thanks for the reply, guys. But are you sure it’s in Archi lab? I have it installed and I can’t seem to find “Group Curves” anywhere. I’m using Dynamo 1.0, could it be a version problem?


yes, archi-lab will not work with newer versions of dynamo than 0.9.0


how the hell am I supposed to join my curves then? :smiley: Just kidding, I’m guessing updates are coming? Thanks for all the work.