Join List<Curves> to PolyCurve regardless if they are joinable


I have different curves, I want to pass this curve to a method where, if they are not joinable, they are returned as original.I am trying to use all the native Dynamo code. For this example, from 6 curves, the ideal is to get back three curves: 2 polycurve and one line.

Thank you very much

PolyCurveTest.dyn (2.7 KB)

PolyJoinedCrvs.rvt (316 KB)

Could you also send a screenshot of your graph? Thanks

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Quick answer: you can take a look at Curve.SuperJoin-ArchiLab and Group Curves nodes from Archi-Lab Grimshaw, and also at this post:


Is there anyway that I can write/script the definition using Dynamo dll only? Thanks very much

Is this what you’re after?

What do you mean? Could you describe more.

Basically I am trying to write my own Dynamo c# Script that has the same function as Group Curves from Archi-lab. For some complicated reason, I could not use other people package node inside my script.

Please show your specific issues in doing that

Do you have archilab installed?

Had shared this Design Script approach to group curves here …



Thank you very much. Yeah I managed to wrote a script in c# following arhi-lab logic.

Hello Vikram! This is a great addition! I have used your piece of code to generate continuous Railings out of detailed lines on a View. In example I have one stray line, and three others connected end to end. On the left some fields to select, and voila :ok_hand: In Revit 2019 I could use simple railings to calculate total fire hose reach :upside_down_face: Many thanks! :smile: