Iteration help

I am new to this forum. I have some knowledge in Lisp programming. I need iteration help.
I have the set of family files in a location and i have an excel file which contains the X,Y,Z, and respective family names to that co-ordinates to be placed.
I need a help that dynamo to read the co-ordinates and the family name from that excel file and need to place the families in the respective co-ordinates.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @thavasimanis ,

  • You’ll have to import your X, Y and Z-values as numbers and route those into a Point.ByCoordinates Node.
  • You’ll have to do something similar for your Families, how are they stored now?
  • After that simply route the two outputs of those into a node called FamilyInstance.ByPoint.

That’s it :slight_smile: