Ray Bounce w/Ceiling Cutouts

I am trying to build a graph where the User chooses light fixture types in a 3D view, and the location of those lights is run in 2 Ray Bounce nodes (one Vector up & one Vector down) against ceilings in the linked model (the ones that visible in the linked view). The goal is to move the lights to the ceiling heights.

I keep running into an issue if light’s insertion point is right on the line of the ceiling cutouts it will not find a ceiling during the raybounce.

Here is an example of a light below the ceiling, but w/the location point (blue dot) lined up perfectly on the cutout (the raybounce does not find a ceiling): cyan=ceiling; grey=light; white=cutout

Here is an example from the same 3D view where the light’s location (blue dot) finds the ceiling & will move correctly:

I tried to adjust the location points on the X,Y by 1 unit (just for the raybounce)…but I learned quickly that wouldn’t work (it might help 1 light to find a ceiling it wouldn’t otherwise have…but also cause another light that would have found a ceiling to not find one)

I have been working with the following nodes:
- LinkElement.ByRayBounce (from BimorphNodes)
- RayBounce On Link Category (from Data Shapes)

There are some other RayBounce nodes as well, but they don’t seem to work the way that I want it to.
Any assistance with this would be much appreciated

  • Tyler