Raybounce from Room perimeter with internal offset

Hi All

I am trying to find a way to get the rooms vertices then offset them by x( 50mm ) into the room, then use those points as the origin for ray bounce, any help would be appreciated

The idea is I have dropped ceilings along perimeter of rooms, if i can get these ray-bounces then I could capture these ceilings, as opposed to using the origin of the room

I’d you enable volumetric components you may be snake to just get ceilings via the Room.Boundaries node in the Clockwork package. Won’t work for cases where a ceiling is above a ceiling, but this is likely faster than doing this many ray bounces. Once you have the ceilings you can disable the volume calculation again to save overall speed in the Revit project.

Room.boudaries --> offset --> get curves --> get startpoint of curves.

But may I ask what you try to accomplish because casting rays are quiet slow.

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