Issue with Installing Packages

Hi All,
We are having an issue on one machine where we cannot get the Rhythm package to install properly. We are having no issue on 4 other machines and cannot figure this out. We have uninstalled Dynamo and reinstalled…etc etc. Dynamo version is 2.0.3 on all machines.

For some reason, the Rhythm package looks different each time we install on this PC. For some reason, it does not use the Rhythm icon in the side bar, but seems to use the clockwork icon. It is also missing a bunch of the pull down menus. See attached screenshot.

Any ideas? Thank you!!!

i think you will need to manually wipe out all folders in the library folder then install it back.

I had a similar problem. For me it was sufficient to change the path for the packages once.
Settings > Manage Node an Package Paths

I removed all the packages, changed the folder location, and reinstalled the packages, see below. Still have the same issue where Rhythm is using the Clockwork icon and not installing properly. Any other thoughts?

@stillgotme I assume you mean wipe out all the package files from the folder, which doesn’t seem to correct the issue. Please let me know if this is not what you mean.

It’s actually not using the “Clockwork icon”. That icon, (The Puzzle Piece) is the OOTB icon for custom packages.

Something is wrong with your environment in regards to your package locations. This might be user permissions, etc.Delete all the contents of the package folders, remove the packages_new one and try again.

Are you installing through the package manager?

Got it. Yes, we are installing the packages through the package manager. I have also tried pasting the package contents into the packages folder as well…to no avail!

We have uninstalled Dynamo and Revit and reinstalled to see if that would work…and no luck. I will try another package location.

Do the packages register anywhere else within Dynamo or is it simply looking to the contents of the packages folder?

After installing Rhythm, check your packages folder.

What does this location look like?

If you right click on any of the DLLs does it say “unblock”?

Not that I can see. Thank you for all the ideas!

I just uninstalled Dynamo and reinstalled in a different folder Dynamo1… somehow it seems to have remembered my folder locations and recent files…this makes me think there is a file somewhere that is not being removed during the uninstall. Is there a way to fully uninstall? I am thinking perhaps this file is the issue.

yea thats why i said, manually deletion of all files and folder of dynamo, which includes
C:\Program Files\Dynamo
but not limited to these two folders if you had reference from other location as well

also do you mind showing what is the error saying on those nodes?? show the console as well.

I uninstalled Dynamo via the Control Panel and deleted all files in the 2 folders you mention above. Then clean reinstall of Dynamo. See screenshot below with the error for Rhythm.

Thank you!

Wondering if there were any other ideas here? Thank you.