Issue: Dynamo Geometry (Circles) in Revit are Segmented

Continuing the discussion from Error! Curve.Patch Fails: Wire has self-intersection:

I have now moved out of the Sandbox and Dynamo background preview and now viewing both Dynamo Geometry and Revit Geometry in Revit but still getting the orginal issue posted in the linked top regarding segmentation/faceting of Dynamo geometry in the revit preview.

Blue Circles are Dynamo Preview, Black Circles are same circles written to Revit from Dynamo.

This is with Geometry working range in dynamo set to Small so the curves are not faceted segmented though changing this to other scales does not affect the Revit preview.

As this is a Civil Engineering project and also due to the bug in the linked previous discussion in the main code original, the Geometry working range is likely to be Medium or Large. But the preview in Revit of Dynamo Geometry should be not faceted so its possible to visually see tangency/ clashes etc while working.

Attached is Revit Family File and Dynamo Script that creates both the circles in Revit and the broken dynamo preview. Revit Family File is in Meters.

Faceted Circles Issue.rfa (352 KB)
Faceted Circles Issue.dyn (18.5 KB)


Also when i close the Dynamo File the Dynamo Preview Geometry is still visible in the family which does not seem right either.

An additionally request would be when a component is frozen its geometry preview is turned off also.