Problem with Element Geometry Preview not showing up

Hello everyone. I’ve started learning Dynamo recently and have been watching some tutorials ever since. However, I cannot seem to preview the element geometry at all and it is really getting on my nerves.

Everything is on for background preview, the nodes are correct, my GPU is a GTX 1080ti - I’ve took a SS from a random project with a few elements and tried coming up with basic element geometry preview.

Does anyone know how to get it fixed?


Try drawing a circle at the origin and see if that shows up. Geometry in Revit can sometimes just be way out of position making it hard to find.

Hi @Bas

Looking at your image it shows preview you just have to change your graphic display option to hidden line.

Thanks for the advice, but how do I do that?

Yes, I thought the issue could be that - the object being far away from the origin, but that was not the case :confused:

Guys, I think I’ve managed to solve the problem. Or at least I think this might be the reason. I had 2 Dynamos installed on my desktop - the one that comes with Revit and Dynamo Studio. I uninstalled the Dynamo Studio and Re-opened the Dynamo from Revit. Boom, it is showing up now.

@Bas Here is how you do that.

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I really don’t know if that was the issue, but it most certainly solved the problem :smile:

This is so badass hehe I’m really loving this software!

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@Bas there is a known issue with a specific install of studio and revit side by side causing some incompatibility - my guess is different version of shaders or sharpDX that gets installed, if you want to use them both please file an issue on GitHub and ping @Neal_Burnham (jnealb)

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