Dynamo recreating elements with specific IDs


I wrote a sheet creator graph a while back using mostly ootb nodes and data|shapes for user interface, It extracts data from excel and generates sheets using the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView.

The graph was frequently used, and performed well, without any issues for almost a year.

Last week I have noticed that when run on one particular model, the graph deletes 5 specific drawings which were generated by it previously and places all views from those deleted sheets to newly generated ones. Upon deeper investigation, I’ve noticed that newly created sheets have the unique IDs of the sheets that got deleted, therefore the node just changes the existing parameters of the problematic sheets to the new ones, rather than creating a new set of elements. This issue occurs on only 1 model (graph was used on 15+ models). I have tried restarting dynamo and revit, creating new sheets and the existing ones together, the dynamo just maintains that link with these 5 cursed sheets for some reason.

Does anyone have any idea why this can be happening?


This is element binding at play. Clear the bindings from the file and it should run fine. This thread and the AU class which it links explains more: Element Binding in Revit


Thank you, with every problem I learn something new about dynamo

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