Is there a Website for functioning Dynamo Scripts?

I really think that a readme.txt should accompany a .dyn file that spells out which packages are required to run the “program/script/wired up thing.” It is easy enough for the end user to install required packages. I guess that could be handled by a note within the .dyn file.

I fully understand what you are saying. You want a Dynamo website much like Revit City is for families. The big problem with this Dynamo has way more capability than a single family. In your second to last post @kiknchikn2060 you showed a picture which I think would be correct. I personally would be hesitate to just start downloading people’s scripts. Who knows what they might do to a Revit file. Having to recreate the graph based off a picture would probably be best. Every file is unique after all.

I think it would even just be nice to have a place to list script ideas. The fact you have 50 scripts is a bit mind blowing. I only have about 7. I am always on the lookout though for new ideas to help speed things up.

@Steve_Fong1 every script I wright has a read me which accompanies it. I do not list the packages anymore was too difficult to keep track. I wish dynamo had a show all used packages function (If it does I clearly do not know about it). Instead at my off I have all packages saved in a local area so my scripts can be used from any computer.

or you could start setting up a Dynamo template

Have a look here:

Yes you nailed it! Much like how RevitCity is to families. One for definitions would be a huge help. Even if all that was posted was images. I can understand wanting people to actually work it out rather than copy and paste someone’s work. I wouldn’t mind a bit sharing all I have created. If it wasn’t for others, I wouldn’t have my first definition.

A lot of my definitions are similar. For example. I have a definition for every family type that applies COBie shared parameters. There are about 15 family types we use here at Shoffner Mechanical. I’m also working on definition that creates dependent views per scope boxes, creates sheets based off the names and numbers I give it, and places dependent views on the corresponding sheet. There are several scenarios for that (2 scope boxes, 1 floor; 3 scope boxes, 1 floor all the way up to 6 scope boxes; 4 floors). So far, I have created over 20 of those. There might be a way to consolidate them perhaps. Plus my annotation tag definition I just posted a picture of and some others.

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Just an idea: it would be really great if this forum, which is already a fantastic tool, would also let us keep and organise bookmarks on posts and files so that each of us can have his own references library online…

That’s fine, but can we organise them?

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By no means an expert in dynamo. But I have just started this website to post scripts I create and found useful for my day job so not many scripts at the min. But hopefully will eventually build up a good list of scripts with help for anyone that wants to contribute.

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Yes!! Now there is:

Revit Dynamo is a platform to share and download ready made dynamo scripts (library and market) and of course Revit Families. Feel free to submit your own content and share your work through it. Enjoy!