Repository for Dynamo Graphs

Hi All,

Is anyone aware of a repository similar to UNIFI for Revit Families, that can store Dynamo graphs with tutorials, and can be easily searchable?

I know you can upload .dyn to UNIFI, but if you are not familiar with the name of the graph or just want to browse through a library of scripts, it’s not that user friendly.

How are other storing their scripts and sharing company wide?

Thanks in advance,
Matt Wash BVN

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Before I started at Autodesk I’d planned on setting up a two folder structure for this, and an intranet page for each dyn that would serve as a help page and illustrate the graph in use. This would allow people to navigate the pages via the homepage, searchable via the text descriptions and tags and the like. Best part is most of the content would have been driven by the notes already in the graph, and files required to produce the content anyway.

The first folder would have had the files marked read only for use in Dynamo Player, and second the files read/writable called ‘sandbox’ where users could come play with the graph setup. Sandbox folder would have also had a recording of the graph in use, and sample project(s) to test on.

The best part was the webpage would serve as a ‘help’ link from datashapes so users who were struggling with how to use a graph would only need to click once to be directed to the associated help page, where they’d be able to self serve their issue, or contact out IT department for further assistance (birdied at the bottom).

I never got around to this (one of my ‘I wish i’d taken the time to’ statements when I left), and it would have taken some to set up with smart links and the like. Might reach out to a friend next weekend and see if they continued along that path or not.