Help building a basic Dynamo Script

So, I hate to be direct in asking for advice, I’ve been rolling through Dynamo tutorials and things, and learning a lot about more physical modeling, but a lot of the scripting elements still elude me. I’m hoping to put together a simple script to check the fire rating on walls and compare it or match it to the doors embedded in them. Any tips on approaching this? I’m not completely familiar with how to identify those specific model elements or run the actual comparison between them, but it seems like it should be a simple place to start? All advice welcome, loving working in the program!

Chris, I built a graph like that last year as an example for a workshop I taught. It is based on German fire ratings but I have added some English comments so you should be able to adapt it to your needs…


Andreas, Thank you so much this is beyond helpful, it really helped the whole logic to click for me. I’ve been having trouble planning the arrangement of process, i.e what to select first, and how to filter things out. This is amazing, and a huge boon. Thanks again.
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