Dynamo scripts vs Dynamo versions?

Hi all,

I have a question about the Dynamo versions and the Dynamo scripts.
Why aren’t the older scripts compatible with the newers Dynamo versions??

I have downloaded a example .dyn from somewere here on the Dynamobim.org site and it was created in Dynamo 0.9. I wanted to open it in 1.2.1 and I got the message that this could not be done because of version error/compatibility.
So basicly everytime a new Dynamo version comes out I have to open and same all my Dynamo scripts in the new version to keep up? In the moment I have made just 3 scripts but other departments in the company already created 10+ scripts and this isn’t a big deal yet.
But what if we have more then 50 scripts? Then opening, checking and re-saving will become a big deal as it will be time consuming.
How are you all handle this problem?

Are you seeing an error that won’t even let you open the initial script?

Our office is dealing with this as we do with every other major update - solving the problems as they come up. Keep in mind that as Revit is updated, the API is updated, and Dynamo must follow suit for those. Often with the 0.9 and prior versions the script changes are just a matter of nodes having been renamed to the standard, or incorporated from a custom package. Other times re-wiring is more involved and actually takes some thought. That said I haven’t seen a situation where Hal says he won’t even open the door…