Is there a way to get parcel segments from a parcel?

I’m trying to create setbacks from parcel lines. I’ve split my parcel segments up into layers for front, back, and side. I’m able to get the parcel geometry but I’m unable to match that geometry to parcel segments. Is there a way to get parcel segments from a parcel object?

Snippet of the parcel segments on different layers (orange side, blue front, purple back)

Looking at this it may help you

It doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. The thread says “modify as needed to return a collection of [parcel segments]” but that’s exactly the part I’m not understanding. I’m able to get the basecurve as a polyline, like the linked code does, but I do not know how to associate that basecurve with parcel segments.

It isn’t exposed in .NET, so you have to go through the COM API. The parcel has a ParcelLoops property, which contains a collection of the parcel segments.

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