Is there a way to explode an object in Paper Space with Dynamo?

I’m trying to explode a block in paper space. I’ve realized that using the ootb object.explode node will move the exploded geometry from paper space to model space when run. What is the best way to explode an object in paper space?

Note: I plan to explode a series of blocks in different layouts so using SendCommand seems like a poor solution. I’ve tried running obj.explode() in python but the documentation refers to some sort of collection system I don’t quite understand.

What happens if you have the layout active when running the script?

If you post a dwg i can look into it.


I ran the script from the layout while in paper space mode. Does it behave differently for you?

Hmm, I haven’t noticed that before. I’m pretty sure that’s a bug with the Object.Explode node.
FYI @solamour @angelohbwang or whoever else should handle bug reports.

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FYI @StarLee @Nora.Li

It appears obj.ExplodeToOwnerSpace() works with some blocks. Makes blocks that contain viewports go wild though.