Explode object without losing the object data


I have a block with a closed polylines inside. The polyline has an Object Data attached. If I use the Object.Explode node, I will end up with a polyline only. Is there a way to explode an object in Dynamo, without losing Object Data ?

@phuong.nguyen if it is a block you can access to its objects without exploding it.

Hi Paolo, thanks for the fast reply. It is a blockreference. I tried to use Blockreference.Block node but it returns null image

@phuong.nguyen try with the Block name directly like I did, you have the source block to begin with…

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Good evening all,
This topic is tangentially related to the task I am having to do. I have imported a number of shape file points that have object data linked to each point. I need to convert these AutoCAD points to cogo points and add the object data to said cogo point. Will the above script plus a few other nodes allow me to take the AutoCAD points all the way to cogo points including the object data names/descriptions?

I apologize if this should have been a separate forum topic, but I thought surely I’m not the first person to want to convert shape file points to cogo points that included OD attribution. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any suggestions.

Hi @miketUYKB6,

I agree that this is probably better as a new post. Sounds like you are more interested in creating COGO points in the same locations and with the same OD data as the AutoCAD points, correct? Not exploding them?

Good evening mzjensen,

Yes! That’s exactly what I need to do. Would you have any node suggestions that would point me in the right direction? Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Use the Civil 3D toolkit. You can get the geometry of the AutoCAD points (AutoCAD> DBPoint > Geometry) and use it to create CogoPoints. I haven’t worked a lot with OD data, but you should be able to get everything using the nodes under (GIS > ObjectData). Finally you can create the cogo points using the geometry of the AutoCAD points and add the data as User Defined Properties (LandDevelopment>CogoPointExceptions) or as Property Sets

@miketUYKB6’s question was solved here.

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My bad, had missed that ^^