Is there a way or workaround to bypass "Name cannot include prohibited characters"

Clockworks Element.SetName also won’t work due to the exact same reason i guess, but manually you can name or rename say fill pattern using special character like /, :, etc.


Revit Elements Revit doesn’t allow users to use this kind of characters. What kind of Element are you trying to rename?

In short, No there is no way to Bypass this. If you can’t do it in Revit itself, then it cannot be done

BTW: You can change some names using the approach below (Without python):
Element.SetParameterByName --> Return read only error
Parameter.SetValue --> Does the job

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thanks again Joelmick, well, exactly fill pattern.:frowning:
i did a quick test w/ your workaround, no luck because Type Name is read only parameter, seems the only option is via element name, well, i’ll manually rename for now.