Element.SetParameterByName error!


I have a graph where it gets all the workset names from certain element parameters. Then it finds all the names that are incorrect and change to a correct version by using Element.SetParameterByName.

I have a same graph for ‘Grid’ parameters but for some reason, this graph for ‘Reference Plane / Scope box’ is not working with this error.

What is the reason for this error?


Hi @mrkpkimEMSRM ,

Your Element.SetParameterByName nodes errors on “the parameter is read-only”.
Are you sure the parameters you are trying to change are changeable?

@mrkpkimEMSRM If you are trying to change the workset of elements, try this:

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Thanks !

hmm they are definitely changable… is that the only cause of the error?

Without seeing what elements you’re trying to change it’s hard to say. You likely have references, grouped elements, or something else that would make the individual element read-only.