Is there a package/way to read/write Microsoft Word (*.doc) files?

Hello to everybody,
First of all, i’m very new to dynamo.
I’m looking for a better way to do all the paperwork needed for diferent permits involved in the architectural practice nowadays.
What i need is a way to import preformated word documents in dynamo, swap some words with revit parameters or custom text and then write the file back. This would be very usefull when you have 20 30 word file that have the same parameters and need to be completed manualy…

Thank you in advance for your answer,

Later edit,
I managed to do it using a txt file, what i need now is to import/export a .doc file…

I have no direct answer for you but you might want to look up how to do it via a bit of python code as I’m pretty sure dynamo has no actual node to do this.

Dynamo can’t read native word files but it can read .rtf, which in turn can be read by word.

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Thank you! Rtf is more than enough…

Marcello Sgambelluri’s simplex package can read word files. (.docx)



brb - need to rethink every workflow I’ve ever had…


Can it write Word files?

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Going to have to take that up with @Marcello :slight_smile: I found this IronPython script earlier that seems promising but I’m not totally sure on whether or not that means it would work if modified for Dynamo. (sorry in advance if this a totally useless find in that way :rofl: )

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Sounds like I’m not the only one who wants to work out this functionality. I’ll be sure to post if I get anywhere with it tomorrow. Thanks all.



Maybe this works?



I downloaded this package and there don’t seem to be any Word related nodes in it?