Dynamo Applications

Hey all, I am new to Dynamo but have enjoyed it in Revit so far. However, I was wonder what other applications it may have. I am wondering if Dynamo could be used with Word or Excel to help speed up my secretaries productivity. I am sure she would enjoy the speed and ease. Let me know. Thank you to all.

If you are trying to modify Word and Excel files with Dynamo, you can use the Word Interop and Excel Interop features of IronPython (.NET). However, if your sole use for Dynamo is to ultimately write Python nodes to modify Word/Excel documents, you may be better off writing a standalone script in IronPython or learning VB.NET to work directly within the other programs.

There is excel capacity to read and write data, and word files can be read, though writing requires some degree of coding. If you leverage .rtf instead read and write are much simpler. :slight_smile: