Is there a functional node that as like using fusion of Revit to create solids in Dynamo?


Translation: Is there a function node like the fusion creation body in revit?


Translation: Please use English

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ok,thank you!

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Went back and added the google translate results for the above posts. As noted elsewhere, English is the official forum language, so please post accordingly. This makes it easier to search for all of us. I promise to not pick on grammar or spelling errors.

@326385135 - can you give an example of what this function is? It’s unclear to me if you’re looking for a version of Dynamo that works with Revit the way it works with Fusion 360, or of you are after a join node, or if you’re just looking to do something cool with tsplines. Provide some clarity and we can provide guidance. :slight_smile:


in this image,the fusion of Revit can create a solid.Is there a same function node in dynamo? thank you!

Solid.ByLoft is the node you’re looking for. This tutorial has good instructions on how to use it.

thank you!

Could I ask you an other question?
Is there a function node in Dynamo as like hollow fusion in Revit?

Once the solid is made you can subtract it from another solid with the Solid.Difference node. There is no requirement for it to be a void.

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