Is there a 'All Elements of Family Name' node?

I’m trying to put all elements of a particular family name (e.g. Door 1.rfa) into a list.

There is All elements of Category, All Elements of Family Type and All Elements of Type (which seem to do the same thing), but I can’t find a All Elements of Family Name.

Am I missing something here?

is this what you mean?




No. I want to get all elements of a family of all types, not just one type.

In your example all elements that have the name _HSL_SPC_Wall_Operable_3D, no matter what the type is.

Antony, This should mostly work for you.

File: AllElementsOfFamilyName.dyn


Also uploaded a Custom Node to the package manager ‘All Elements of Family Name’



Hi Antony,

Try this also.


I don’t understand how Dynamo library search works.

I installed the ‘All Elements of Family Name’ package, it shows up in the package manager, but I can’t find it anywhere in the library.

Am I missing something? Why wouldn’t it be in the library?

Antony, I think the fault lies with me, not Dynamo.

Seems like I hadn’t properly uploaded the definition. Apologies.

Kindly download the updated version of All Elements of Family Name.

In Dynamo, it will appear towards the end of Revit>Selection

Vikram, tested it and works well. Thanks.

Hi everyone!

Vikram, awesome work! … but it seems not work for me… I am novice at Dynamo but maybe the problem is because I’am using a Spanish language version of Revit??..


thanks for all!