Who know why "All Elements of Family Name"node doesn't work

I’m trying to put all elements of a particular family name (e.g. Door 1.rfa) into a list.
There is All elements of Category, All Elements of Family Type and All Elements of Type (which seem to do the same thing), but I can’t find a All Elements of Family Name.
I do online tutorials,http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/is-there-a-all-elements-of-family-name-node/ found this node, but it doesn’t work, Who knows what is going on? Do you have any other good way?



You need to translate Family in your language.

Edit the custom node like this :


And save the changes.

Translate family into chinese?

If your Revit is in chinese, yes.
It will probably fix the problem.

My Revit is in chinese,The translate also is right,but it doesn’t work .

The node can’t work with system families.
What category are you inputting ?

Pipe fittingsimage


It should work.

Replace 9 caracters by 4 in the custom node.

You can find the Parameter “Family” you need to translate with the node “Element.Parameters”

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Thank you very much friend,it has to work properly, you’re great!