Extract family list

Following on from my post where I was trying to figure out how to rename family types I’m now looking at the Family Name and once again I’m stuck!

What I’d like to do is get a list of all the families of a particular category - e.g. Doors. I don’t need to know the type names just the family name.

I’ve tried working with categories but that just gives me a list such as ‘Door’ not the family names within…


I knew there had to be a node in there somewhere!! Many thanks.


This is a very good example of how to get all types/families of elements in a document, but is it somehow possible to get all existing types?

E.g. I have created no geometry, but I want to know all existing wall types?


Thanks Rasmus

Hi Rasmus,

Have you tried the “Element Types” and “All Elements of Type” nodes?