Is search in Dynamo 2.0.2 slower than in previous versions?



Mornign all,
is it just me or the search got even worst in 2.0.2?


I haven’t had any issues there. Where are your packages loading from?


For me it is worse. Search lags and seem dependant on my internet connection, although no proof here. Packages loading from my local drive. Searching is also still too fuzzy(pun intended). (Like “All elements of C”…?!)


@jostein_olsen - does it speed up if you disconnect from all networks?


Search is pretty awful and the team is aware of it. There is a related Github issue as well as open PRs to resolve this in a future release.


All stored locally on an SSD drive :wink:


Side note
I found that typing just the first two or three characters for every word works!
AllElementsOfCatagory i spell by All Ele Of Cat in the search and it gives me the node


My 2c…If I search for , say, ‘parameters’ node, it’s like 20th in the list not 1st as one would expect…