Dynamo 2.0 vs The Sanil


Is Dynamo 2.0 very slow or is just happening to me? Has anyone else noticed this?
Also, the search library function has been changed in a way that is absolutely a pain to use, can’t find anything now, something is really strange, need to us only right click search function… What is going on? I really miss previous versions.


No it’s not. Every update version has more improvements and new functionality.

Might be. Depends on your pc configuration.

What you can’t find. Could you be more specific here. Is it related to any nodes?

Right click search function was there in previous versions also.

You can always get the previous builds from here


I noticed extreme slowness in 2.0+ with certain packages installed that weren’t meant for 2.0. I removed them all and added them back one by one to determine which were causing the issues.