Dynamo new interface slow?

Does anyone else experience issues using the search with it being very laggy in version .8? Before the UI change, search was very fast (although not quite comprehensive). Now I find it often very slow.

Hey Josh, what Windows version are you running? I’m finding it almost runs just as fast in Windows 7 but is very laggy in Windows 8.1. There is an issue open on Github about this.

You rock David, thanks for the reply. I am running windows 8.1. I heard from some of my other collegues they were running okay, my guess is they are still on Windows 7. Thanks again…going to RTC NA this year? I’ll be there (newbie).

I’m experiencing severe slowness, especially when searching nodes. It’s almost un-usable. I’m on Windows 7. Dynamo 0.9.1

I’m experiencing the same.
Right click, and the nodes search window pops up. Type something to search, it waits for a long time. I’m using Windows 11, Dynamo 2.6, Revit 2021.

They were using a much older build of Dynamo. The main causes I find for slow searching are:

  1. You have heaps of custom packages installed, so there is more to search through
  2. You have lots of addins or have used one before/in tandem with dynamo. Ive noticed some addins like pyrevit after extensive use seem to slow down dynamo

Beyond this maybe try the simple search tool in the Monocle package.


The simple search tool works. Thanks.

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