Searching in Dynamo v 0.9.1. What's your experience?

Does anyone else find the node searching methods to be slower in v0.9.1? Does it now take you longer to create graphs? Or do you find it to be much better?

I replied to the candidate posting with the following, but I wanted to see other users' experiences:

"[...] something was lost in the keyboard search functionality. [In v0.9.1, you need to right click before searching the library ("in-canvas searching") or you need to click in the library search bar.] Often times you know the node that you need, and you can just start typing in the workspace. Hit enter and there it is…it is very fast for the common nodes that you need. No mouse involved.

While I understand the merit of canvas searching if you don’t know the exact node that you need, but if you have your favorite nodes, then typing without right clicking is much faster…imho. (You can type in Revit without having to right click.)

Is there any way to have both the right click feature and the standalone typing function? And if I had to choose, I may prefer the older method. Also while I am asking, is it possible to add keyboard shortcuts for the nodes?"

I’m finding the search to be very, very slow. Any ideas on how we can fix this?

It is definitely slower. Actually for me ever since 0.75 searching is getting slower with every update.