Is possible to recreate this code without using curve.normal and geometry.transform?

Hello, I’m creating this code to create curves and then put aligned in the center of beams, for making stirrups with different forms. But I want to know if and so how I can recreate without using the nodes curve.normal and geometry.transform.
This way I could understand better the code if later I need to make with c#, I searched on github but can’t find the codes of these nodes, if someone know where to find would be great.


Both of those are part of the non-opensource geometry engine, and as such you won’t find the code for them.

Thanks Jacob

In this topic I discover how to recreate the curve.normal, basically the curve normal is a cross of the vector obtained by the curve.direction and a Zaxis vector.

That is only the case if the curve is planar no the XY axes. Looking at the plane of the curve might yield more consistent results.

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Thansk again Jacob!

But how can I get the plane of the curve?

I believe there is a ‘plane.curve’ node (or plane.bycurve), but that would put you where you started as again the geometry nodes cannot be accessed as you’d like.

So… I suggest taking a step back. If the intent is to use methods which work as a C# add-in, you’ll have to write it like a C# add-in, using those methods and results.

This Revit API call should give you what you are after:

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Thanks a lot Jacob!

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