Points in an aligment normal plane

Hi all! I’m trying to generate new points in a plane created as a normal plane to an aligment in a point. I’ts possible to create a new point giving the x and y displacement?
Anyone knows if there is a node to do this task?

Thank you all!

Here is how I would do this:

Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter or my preferable option Curve.CoordinateSystemAtSegmentLength (https://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Geometry/Curve/Action/CoordinateSystemAtSegmentLength). The former is faster but the later is more easily understandable.

Then build your points around the global origin. Have a sublists for each CS you took (unless you want just one point then just use that). After you get these right you want to turn these off.

Then use a Geometry.Transform to shift the sublists of points from the global CS to the CS at each distance along the curve.

Note that this also works with PolyCurves, Solids, Surfaces, really any Dynamo native geometry type (though your abstract types may require a different version of the node).

The CS are not my forte, but using Curve.CoordinateSystemAtSegmentLength,
The resulting coordinate system will have its x-axis in the direction of the normal of the curve and the y-axis in the direction of the tangent of the curve at the specified length.

As we are after having the z-axis on the line I came up with the below.

I really would like to understand the Geometry.Transform node better as I reckon it is very useful. Any solution using that node would be very enlightening.


Following what Jacob suggested
I tried Geometry.Transform

Thank you very much for your answers!! I’ll check it!