Is parameter GUID write- accessible in API?

Hi all,

I’ve read through many posts asking how to add parameters with a specified GUID or from a txt file, but no answers as yet.

How would one check if this is even possible? Is there a list somewhere of what Autodesk makes available in API?

Appreciate any reply - even if it’s “Sorry not possible yet” (at least then I can stop searching)

GUID is (and should be) read-only…

Revit has a overview of the API here:

If you need the GUID of a specific parameter to recreate it as a shared parameter, you can export it to a shared parameter file.


That answers my question then. Thanks @Jonathan.Olesen.

A bit disappointing there’s no way to quickly add existing shared parameters (with GUID from .txt) into a project. Perhaps they’ll make it possible in future, but at least for now i can stop trying.

Cheers for the link, really helpful!