How to get the GUID of my shared parameters?

Hello Dynos,

I open a new topic. As in my post before, i (we) solved a Problem to get duplicated Parameters.
How can I access the GUID of them. In the best way listed together,how?



Hi Andreas,

I helped you with the other problem.

First filter all the shared parameters from the Duplicates, since not all the duplicates are Shared parameters. Then extract the Guids from the Shared Parameters. If you could share a sample project with the Dynamo graph, that would be great (I dont have a file with shared parameters in it at hand :neutral_face:.

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Projekt1.rvt (660 KB) GetDublicatedParameterGUID.dyn (34.3 KB)_transfer.txt (980 Bytes)

the Idea is to compare the GUIDs.

Hi Andreas,

First you have to filter the Parameters which are Shared from the Duplicates.

When that is done, it is a simple python script which goes through the list and extracts the GuidValue property of the Shared Parameters.

The Python script returns “Parameter is Not Shared” when you put in a nonshared parameter.

Let me know if this works for you

GetDublicatedParameter.dyn (28.0 KB)