Revit Parameters and GUID numbers


Do Revit parameters (not shared) have GUID numbers? If yes, is it possible to retrieve them with dynamo?

I need to export list of all parameters that we are using in our project for each element type (wall, floor, door, etc. …) with their GUID numbers. I tried to do it with dynamo

but node Element.UniqueId doesnt work with parameteres. Am I missing something? Is it somehow possible?

I have seen some topics tackle this issue with no success, so to be specific underneath citation:

Parameters are a generic form of data storage within elements. The parameters are visible through the Autodesk Revit user interface in the Element Properties dialog. This method is used to retrieve a parameter for a known shared parameter. When a shared parameter is created it is assigned a Guid which will not change. This guid can be used to retrieve the piece of data from the element at a later time.

ok, according to this:

only shared parameters have GUID numbers, correct?

than this id property:
that all parameters have - is it stable through the lifetime of the project? can it be of any use for coordination between consultants, different software packages etc (unambiguous use of parameters, also then when they are not shared)?

Revit’s standard out of the box parameters are known as Built In parameters and have a specific Built In parameter name. This is like their unique Id. Archi-lab has a node that gives you the built in parameter name for any Revit parameter.

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Treat Project Parameters same way as WallType and other project families. Users can chage their values. Other nodes or software probably will not(unless you addins uses same paramters names).

uuid comes with Python 2.5 you can create your own framework to validate your paramters and their values in some cases.

The Id paramter can be expected to last through life lifetime of project file. If someone or something has changed them (deleted and then recreated them) the Id of the new paramater will be different.

Here is an overview


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im trying to use (try/except) in python to get the guids of the parameters that has guids and avoid the built in parameters but i still cant get any guids.
at the end i need to have the available guids of all the parameters of an element.