Is it possible to drive a YES/NO parameter by the parameter "Phase Created"?



I’ve just started using Dynamo and have very limited experience in visual programming.

But i was hoping that Dynamo could help me with a task that we have been struggeling with for some time in our office.
In order to be able to export an isolated “Demolished Model” to IFC we have to go by the workaround of filtering out all demolished elements of a 3D View and export that view to IFC.

Since you (for reasons unknown) can’t filter by phase status in Revit we have created a YES/NO parameter called Demolished which basically should be checked if Phase Demolished = New Construction.







Unfortunately getting this done is over my head so i’m reaching out to you for guidence.
Do I need some kind of IF-statement?

Dynamo Demolished



Here it is, basically we just needed to filter out those null values and work from there. Did you want to specifically look at walls demo’d in new construction?



Thank you! That definetly set me off on the right Path.

What I really want to do is:

  1. Isolate all Demolished elements by specified Categories - ACHIVED
  2. Set View Phase to Existing - ACHIVED
  3. Set View Filter to None - NOT ACHIVED
  4. Export to IFC - MANUALLY
This is what I came up with.


Demolished Isolate



However I’m currently stuck on setting the Phase Filter to None. Any idea on how to achive this would be very much appreciated!

Phase Filter



That one seems a little bit ore difficult. Whenever I even try to get the value of a view that has none, it errors out.


Ok, thats just a small issue anyway. The problem of the Topic is solved!