Unable to filter schedule by parameter value

Hello everyone, I’m new to Dynamo. This is my first time posting here (Cannot attach files).
I’ve managed to create a schedule by category with certain fields (See attach) but I can’t filter elements according to the Phase Demolished value. The idea is to be able to change the category and create another schedule with the same fields and filter.

I’ve used a boolean mask to map the values that contain/match the parameter’s value ‘‘NUEVA CONSTRUCCION’’ but I’ve already used all my mana for the day. Please help!

The goal is simple. Create a schedule for example roofs, take their name/type, area, and phased demolished. Then filter the ones that will be demolished.

Attachments: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bv7rRPqlyJAPZjAW4lE5f5SNSJCkg_NV?usp=sharing

Hi @lautarolzl

Isn’t this already available on Revit, no dynamo needed? You create a phase filter showing only demolished elements (roofs, doors etc.) then set the phase filter and phase of your schedule to get the schedule of your demolished elements.

phase filter settings:

phase and phase filter of the schedule:


Hi @blsalvio thank you for your response. The problem with Revit is that I want to create more than one schedule with the same fields and filters but with different categories. Revit won’t allow me to duplicate a schedule and change its category hence the dynamo script. My idea is to be able to just change the category from the category node and create schedules for each one.


If that is the problem then the title and the discriotion of this topic is off.