Dynamo export phases to .ifc

Hello guys,

Next week i am planning to create a script which would automate ifc exports from Revit.
Since i am not a Revit user i want to ask you to be informed if i can consider my idea how to pull this off doable.

I am not new to visual scripting i use grasshopper a lot and i have done something in dynamo too.

My idea/procedure is as follows:
-globally i need to export separate phases as separate models. Existing, Demolished, Remaining, Temporary, New
-It is not so easy to isolate elements within a phase because “demolished” phase is typically not exportable to ifc, see IFC for Revit / Discussion / General Discussion: Export of demolished elements.

-reference current revit model into dynamo
-filter only elements on “existing” phase → export to .ifc with bunch of settings (i have read that genius loci package has this kind of node)
-filter only elements with key value demolition=true → export to .ifc
*sub question, in case of opening which is “negative” geometry, do you think it will export as solid?
-filter only elements on “existing” phase and applying secondary filter to hide demolition=true to obtain only remaining elements → export to .ifc
-filter only elements with key value new=true → export to .ifc
-filter only elements with key value temporary=true → export to .ifc
-everything connected to single trigger

I would be grateful to you for any opinion why this would or would not work according to my wishes.


hi @Ivan_Galik

There is already a similar topic to this:


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similar but not quite the same. that topic only delas with a portion of my overall problem which consists of 2 parts:

-how to organize model to be able to filter objects in order to get separate phases
-how to automate export via dynamo

maybe the first part is more crucial because once it is well organized and filterable from within Revit UI then it will also be possible to automate with dynamo.

problems we are having is how to export openings into existing structures as being demolished solids. we are getting some null geometry when exported etc.

our small internal team has come up with few ideas but none of them is painless.