Null output from custom node, individual nodes work fine


I am reprogramming my dynamo script to make it more lean. For that I made a bunch of custom nodes from the different groups I had in my dynamo script. The majority works fine but there is one that doesn’t work the way it should. All the individual nodes in the .dyn file work as they should but when I make a custom node of them it gives me a null output.
In this screenshot you can see the .dyn file with the individual nodes. As well as the output the way I want it. At the bottom you can see the null outputs from the custom node.

In this screenshot you can see the .dyf file with exactly the same nodes but it just gives a null output in the .dyn file.

If I need to upload more information please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Looks like your inputs need to have the data structure called out. Try lbrqd : double [] as one input and staffdiameter : int [] as the other.

Thanks Jacob, that worked.

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