Is it possible to break element binding in Dynamo?

Is there an easy way to run a dynamo definition multiple times and have it write new element Id’s and not over write the old ones? I am placing CW panels by points on 2 towers and each time I write it removes the other tower panels. I get that in some cases you would want to edit the element that you just created but how do you remove the connection between dynamo and the element created?


You can’t. Unfortunately Dynamo is written in such way that it stores element id of the element it created. that information gets serialized into the file on save so even closing and re-opening doesn’t help here. What you have to do to break that connection is to delete the node, and place it again. Given the task that you have on hand, i would suggest that you just create it in a way that it handles both towers in one run.


Good to know. Thanks Konrad.

Actually I want to amend my answer. You can always use Python nodes instead of the OOTB. Python nodes don’t retain the Element Ids and would re-create the elements on each run. If you must use the OOTB, then my previous answer stands.

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what is OOTB?

OOTB means Out Of The Box, standard nodes that come with Dynamo
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You will be amazed by how may people try to reinvent the wheel if you do so :slight_smile:

You mayTry : Family Instance By Point in Transaction
By Bakery Package

It worked for me :slight_smile: