How to remove elements created with Dynamo using Dynamo


How to remove an element instance created using dynamo in revit from dynamo without manually doing it. Is there any node which does it? or do i have to create a custom node / python script to do it, if so can you please help me with the custom node? Thanks in advance.



Not sure what you’re after, but it sounds like disconnecting your initial wiring and running the graph again should be able to remove created content thanks to element binding. if you’ve broken the binding somehow, or haven’t proceeded in a manor which allows for this behavior then likely you’d have to somehow quarry the created elements and use something like Tool.Eraser (steam nodes) or Elements.Delete (Archilab) to remove them from the Revit database. image

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Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the prompt reply and the node. I don’t have archilab package loaded. That’s the one I am looking for.

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