Dynamo - how to break connection with rvt

is there a way to “break” connection or refresh it after my script has run its course?
The issue is that I want to create in a single revit file multiple steel towers one after another, but after selecting different input data (location, height, profiles etc) the previous one gets erased from project… Screenshot below:

Dynamo graph:
_test.dyn (259.0 KB)


Take a look on this one here it could probably help you…or try to execute from the player…

Hey, thanks for quick reply, it seems more complicated than I thought. Basically it comes down to manually creating many dyn files on the fly and disconnecting/reconnection nodes manually to get rid of the “bindings”…

If there is any other solution to this problem I’d be grateful for any input :wink:

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You could try to execute from the player…or think @john_pierson had a node there can “Bake element”

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or you could try to write your script in python…there you had the option to do so…

Oh that’s prefect! Works like it’s supposed to. Had a hunch that someone already created a custom node for this :sunny:

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Great :wink: